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d4 – I think you may have jumped the gun here, but please hear me out, not trying to jump on any photo-critiquing bandwagon.

To be clear, you asked for “Positive Critique,” which is what you ask friends and family for moral support, not a web site where people like myself offer advice and suggestions on your work. The better statement would be, “Honest and Constructive Critique” which is primarily what you got from CC.

I know that you stated that this is not a portfolio, but rather a selection of photos that you were looking for some feedback.
I think you got the feedback, but may I offer a suggestion? No matter if the selection of photos is a portfolio or not, they should be fairly consistent in theme or subject, i.e. wedding, portrait, landscapes, product or birthday, event, and so on. The photos that you gave were scattered and had no underlying theme or subject that tied them together, kind of like my flickr page, lol.

You also stated that you re-designed the watermark, but it went against the very nature of the selected photos presented. It was like having a logo that states “Intimate Portrait Photography” and then showing nothing but HDR landscapes.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you have to be consistent even when it comes down to a logo or watermark. Attention to detail and knowing when to stop are also very crucial.
I hope this helps and good luck.