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Woe!  I think you are putting the cart WAY ahead of the horse here.  ”Photojournalistic Wedding Photography”?!  I know I’m sort of beating a dead horse here, but you have to try to understand how shocking it is to see a statement like that on the photographs you have shown us. Go ahead and do some googling, and learn what good photojournalistic wedding photography is.  You need much more practice first before you start soliciting your services.  Give yourself some time to be an amateur and just enjoy yourself and the learning process.  Having a good watermark should be the very last thing on your mind right now.


I know I didn’t post photojournalistic wedding photography on this site. I didn’t because I am looking at other forms of photography to really explore. It’s quite amazing that people can begin their assumptions on a topic that I didn’t bring up to begin with. I asked for a critique on these photos specifically to determine this other side of creativity I wanted to explore. Sure I know it’s not that great according to other people, but also exploring different styles and the styles I posted aren’t to be directly related to the photojournalistic side.

The photojournalistic watermark was one I had already made in illustrator, so I used it. I have a completely different watermark now that I have for other styles of photography that don’t directly relate to photojournalism. I understand I’ve misrepresented the photos by having the watermark on those specific pictures and I appreciate all of the suggestions I’ve received thus far.