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I would have to say, if you were a faux, I would have not scrolled through the images.  I usually give it 5 images and if there is not 1 that draws me in, I quit.

Some are nice, some are boring, some just not sure and some I love.  Looks like you have a tendency to shoot at low shutter speeds or using the wrong speed film for the scene your are shooting a lot of time.  I grew up on film and have used a lot of the major brands and a lot of the various speeds.

Some of the photos I thought would have been better if there were a tad sharper and in focus, like this one.  Some of them are way too grainy for the scene, like this one, but that may be what you were going for, not sure., looks like the old Kodak T-Max P3200.

Some of the shots I liked were the more organic ones:

Motor Parts