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@iliketag – everything you say is so pathetically wrong.  Are you an idiot?

People just starting out don’t always have a “better presentation” dude.

So i should just forgive it and ignore it? He’s sixteen and never taken an art class in his life. Someone needs to tell him. I think the blow will be much softer than what he’d ever get IRL.

The things you expect of them are incredibly impractical.

and if he decides to be a professional photographer someday he will be asked to do impractical and nearly impossible things all the time. Might as well learn now.

You can definitely ask that he put up his favorite image for critique, but I feel like you would find everything wrong and not touch on anything positive.

Oh sorry, didn’t realize that he was just looking for praise. People learn so much from praise only.

If he feels it’s his best work, that’s not always what should be offered up for critique first anyway. Things he knows have something iffy and he can’t put his finger on should be what he offers up.

Obviously he feels that what he has up is good. Why would anyone put up work that is bad? It’s very hard to think objectively. The work that you think is best is not always best. I run into that problem all the time. My favorite images aren’t always my clients’ favorites.

You are honestly running people out of this community and it’s really frustrating.

And those that are scared and run away weren’t made for this business to begin with. Best to weed out those people quickly and move on.