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I’m pretty impressed. A couple things I noticed (in my opinion):
The prom set:

1)In the same set of images, I see normally colored faces, red faces, yellow faces, purple faces,  blue faces. You might want to color correct them a bit, even if you use a mask to leave the saturated background colors in place.

2) It looks like you used bounce flash or a large diffused light source for some of them. If so, it completely killed the ambiance of the room. You could probably have toned down your flash a bit to allow more of the event lighting to show in the images.

The portraits: To be honest, I didn’t really like them too much.
1) the guy with the sunglasses – This is why professionals shoot in all-black studios. This lighting setup obviously doesn’t work with people with large glasses. Read “Light, Science, and Magic”  by Fil Hunter.

2) The guy in the suit: A classic “power” pose. This would be nice, if not for the hairs and dust on his suit. Once you notice them, you’ll never un-notice them.

3) The tilted guy: Tilted guy, ’nuff said. Unless you have a background that lends itself well to tilting, don’t do it. You also chopped the top of his head off.

4) The kid with the guitar – you chopped his ass and knee off.

5) The girl on the porch – not sharp, as well as an unflattering pose/expression/lighting.

6) Self-portrait – I like it a lot, just not the way you cropped it. Straight through your nose could work, and your pose seems to lend itself well to a symmetrical image, with one half light and the other dark. This 3/4 crop definitely doesn’t work.

7) The B&W girl – you missed the focus. Eyes, eyes, eyes. And  it might be a little too bright.