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The photographers who you have second shot for; have you asked them if you can use some of your shots in your portfolio? With the proper notations of course – crediting the core photographer and thanking them for the opportunity/experience in the notes.

I would definitely ask some of them. Many will tell their second shooters “No.” but some are all right as long as you use them exclusively for portfolio and not for sale. It’s always worth a shot.

You have a good grasp on lighting and expression from what I can see. There were some mishaps , which Nesgran already touched on. I really encourage you to get out and shoot more. Plan and organize a fashion shoot with friends – who doesn’t want a new facebook photo to show off? Take to Model Mayhem and see if there are any budding models in your area interested in helping you grow. Expand your portfolio! I would love to see more there – it’s a little limited and there’s not a ton of cohesion because you’re stretched thin by the number of photos you have. I’m guilty of the same thing.

You’re young and you’ve got a lot of time to take the plunge. I would recommend taking your time. You have a strong head start 🙂 Get a flickr account and share with us some of your practice shots and this community would be happy to work with you. We’re a nice bunch – unless you’re crazy!