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d5run1x looks good, but is defective.  Your fairy seems to be creating fall foliage by blowing kisses and coloured leaves!  Too bad she is in the middle of a coniferous forest.  Evergreen trees have needles for leaves and stay green all year.

In d5runmh, the baby appears to be about to be crushed by the parent’s hug, or perhaps is in transit, being passed from the woman to the man.  It just looks awkward.  The woman’s face is almost completely hidden.  The man is trying to do what?  There is more light on the baby, which is where we are presumably supposed to be looking.  That is the photo’s good feature.  The conversion to  B&W was successful.  I can tell he was a red head with freckles.  It seems bland, however.  It might work better with stronger lighting.  The B&W photos that I remember typically had strong elements and side lighting.