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While I’m not crazy about the fantasy-style image, I think your photograph of the model is pretty good though it’s hard to tell because she’s a small part of the whole image. It looks sharp and the lighting is pretty good. Were you supposed to take images taken by other people and integrate your portrait into it? Normally, most critics would frown upon that, and depending if you had permission to use them or not, it can get into that gray area of copyright infringement but I’ll assume you had permission to use them and that it was allowed for the project.

The black and white image isn’t really great as far as contrast and focus, but if it was before you knew much about photography it’s understandable and doesn’t make you a fauxtographer. I do see emotion in it but would have really liked to see the mother’s face. I’m guessing it was a case of everything happening quickly and the mother was in tears as she went to hug her husband. The vignette is too intense and fake too.

It sounds like you are on the right path though. Your photography course will be very beneficial.

That being said, I hate deviantart. I had an account once but deleted it because it was slow, disorganized, and full of anime junk and emo kids posting pictures of their rainbow socks and their dyed black hair covering their one eye. It wasn’t conducive to showcasing photography. Get a flickr account, I love it! Much easier to organize and connect with other photographers.