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First one is just kind of awkward to look at.  Too much going on that doesn’t go with anything else.  More like a collage really.  The fall leaves bother me too, and how they go in a straight diagonal line that seems to drop off somewhere off the image and turn into butterflies?

Not very impressed with the moment you captured in the second one.  The Mom is hiding, the Dad is almost expressionless, like you just missed the moment.  and the baby just looks hungry and kind of squished.  The conversion to black and white is a little muddy, and I don’t like the vignette.

I also can’t help but notice you said the second photo was your first time taking pictures of people, and you are completely new to Photoshop yet you have this beautifully lit and edited woman in the first image, that you claim is yours.  So it makes me think, ummmmmmm you just pasted a whole bunch of things together and called it “art”