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The shots were technically a bit “meh” but at least there is one.  No excuse for the white balance issue though and there really never is in my book.

In any case, weddings really can be a challenge.  With experience much of the day is routine but boy, all the things that go sideways are loads of fun.  What many people don’t realize is that I (and other wedding photographers) have to do more than just take technically decent shots of the day as it unfolds (expected and unexpected) and what we direct.  Ultimately, the couple must end up with an album that gives the illusion that NOTHING went awry when in truth there is always something that did.   As for the unexpected moments, that’s what second shooters and sixth senses and as much communication and prep you can fit in are for.  It is indeed very draining as you’re always hyper aware of events around you even as you are focusing on something else.  And in the end, when the couple gets that album and say, “I don’t believe you got that, I’m so happy”, you’re supposed to act as if it’s nothing when it was hard work added to experience.

The only misses I’ve had were generally from people not being where they should have been.  For example, ring bearers rarely bring the rings according to plan and will step behind the minister and so forth.  Enter the second shooter.  Saved my butt a few times I’ll tell you.  Other than that, I hope I don’t jinx myself but the only other thing that comes in the category of near misses is the first kiss.  I’ve had more than a few that would be misses for sure if not for rapid fire shutters.