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Lots of squinting people.  Lots of racoon eyes.  Some white balance issues.  But if you can’t get a good shot, at least get a shot.  Preserve the memory.  That happened here and it got almost a million likes!  Probably the likes are for the story rather than the photos, though the photos confirm the text.  Lucky bride!  Two caring fathers and mothers.

True, weddings have a fairly slow wedding procession.  Everything else can move quite quickly and unexpectedly.  Everyone deviates from the script and there are a lot of moving parts.  Expressions often last less than a second.  Shutter lag is a pain!  Weddings are draining to shoot because there are many hours of continuously paying close attention to everything around you.  You try to anticipate and position yourself, then someone jumps in front of you at the critical instant.  It can be hard frustrating work.

I think wedding photographers and event photographers generally, would all admit to themselves if not to others that opportunities were missed regularly.  Most don’t show sub-standard photos and you can’t show the photo you didn’t take, so others don’t notice the missed shots.  They only see the successful shots and if you have enough of those then everyone is reasonably happy.