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I think you are off to a really good start, you have a pretty good eye for it. The main problem is that your photos tend to be far oversaturated. If you are aren’t on a colour calibrated or at least a monitor that is vaguely right that would be my first suggestion.


Things I think you could improve on is mainly to do with framing. In the shot below you could have used the negative space better and not plonked the surfer in the middle of the shot and the horizon in the middle. Try cropping the surfer in so he is the bottom right rule of thirds intersection. There’s obviously many more ways to frame than rule of thirds but it is a very very good place to start. I’d clone stamp away the bird just over the horizon to the left as well.

Paddle in the Sun

The shot below could have used more context. It is implied there is a pool under him but I think it would have been a lot better if you could see the top of the water. Expression, contrast and sharpness is there though.

Canon Ball

Shots like the one below aren’t flattering. The short focal length combined with the short distance to the subject makes her nose look very big. Take a couple of steps back and use a longer focal length for headshots.


I love this one but you need to sort the tilted horizon out


Here’s another one that is great but where you could have used the dead space more effectively

I See You

If you’d waited until this lady was looking the other way the photo would have made more sense. Now she is looking intently the other way so it feels like you are missing something. Shame you didn’t take this with a better camera. It is over saturated and the skin tones are off.


I like the expression on this one but it is a bit soft because focus has ended up on her hair rather than eyes. Always make sure the eyes are the sharpest portion of a portrait unless you consciously go for focus elsewhere

So Excited.


The photos look nice but who is you target clientèle?  At the moment everything is different which is great for learning but who would pay you to take photos? Keep learning from your mistakes, start to learn about augmenting the light available and sort your colour issues out and you will get there one day if you are dedicated enough.