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Photoshop can, for some have a steep learning curve.  With all the potential power within the application, most only use a small fraction of what it can really do.

I would suggest starting to work with RAW files if your not already.  It’s best to capture the best that you can in camera, but RAW allows you some flexibility in saving or enhancing photos that if shot in jpg would be tossed.

With that said, I would start out with Elements or Lightroom, but that is just my opinion.  The good thing about Elements, is that is closely follows the workflow of Photoshop, so making the transition would not be hard.  The real drawback is no RAW file support.

Lightroom on the otherhand, does have RAW file support but the workflow is nothing like any of the other Adobe products.

Maybe you can use a slightly older version of PS that you can get for cheap, just make sure it is not pirated.

Lynda.com is a good resource for learning PhotoShop, Lightroom and I believe Elements or you can go to YouTube and find tons of tutorials.

Photoshop can be expensive, the cloud option is good, but not if you are first learning it. Remember, the cost of photoshop does not include the plugins or actions or anything else that adds functionality to the app.