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Looks like you are doing a great job documenting your memories.  You travel, and see interesting things, and I enjoyed looking through your stream.

As long as you are not charging, and just shooting for yourself while you learn, I think you are doing a fine job.

If you’re charging, PLEASE stop!  In no way is your portfolio professional.

I see a lot of underexposure.  Sometimes you try to fix it post, but other times you leave it as is.  When it’s “fixed” it looks strange, contrasty, hard…

Have you printed?  Because as I look, I see a lot of photos that would not print well at all.

Pay attention to the environment.  I see lot’s of unwanted things both in the foregrounds and backgrounds of your portraits. Instead of thinking “I can fix that in post”  try to work on fixing it in camera.  Learn light manip, and study how to use both available light and lighting to your advantage.  Keep shooting and studying, develop that eye.