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Crops aren’t great (many are pretty bad), and -1 for quoting Ken Rockwell. Often the viewer is left guessing at your subject. A lot of vaguely interesting shots, but I didn’t really see anything I thought was particularly well-executed, framed, and exposed.


But overall I didn’t see gaping problems. I accidentally viewed your webpage thinking it was another “Here’s a really bad fauxtographer” someone linked, and I was thinking “These aren’t bad.” So, if that’s any consolation, while mistakenly looking at your page thinking you were a fauxtog, I was convinced you were not 🙂 Some of your stuff is “arty”, and actually might be salable with better crops and processing.

However, if you’re charging for your work in general, I would definitely call you out as a fauxtog. You need more experience, but you’re heading in the right direction.


My suggestions:

Be able to articulate your subject. “I want to convey solitude with this boat” or “It’s just a dying flower”. Whatever it is, it’s not coming across well.

Watch the entire frame. If there are wires that detract from the composition, move. Or remove them in post. Or crop in. Or zoom in. Or something, but don’t leave them in.

Don’t oversaturate. Too much saturation doesn’t make an uninteresting shot more interesting. It makes it worse. Composition makes something “pop”, not post processing. Post can help a good image become great. Trying to save a bad one is a waste of time. Shoot better.

Lastly, crop better. You might correct for your lenses, too… there’s some distortion, but that’s the last thing you need to look at.

Composition is what you need to concentrate on.