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I’ve been a little MIA here in the last 6 months, but I’ll chime in.

Your shots overall are mostly clean and well lit and for the most part your white balance is fine. There are a few that are either too warm or a little too cool.
For instance, this one is slightly too peach colored:
Their skin tones may be pretty close to correct but it’s the background and the fact that their clothes have warm hues that cause it too need a slight tweaking.

This one here is slightly too cool:
A little extra warmth would help the blue cast from the shadow on the right side (left side of her face). Due to the lighting on the right side of her face, white balance might be trickier there since it seems like there is a little bit of detail lost in that portion of her face.


I would remove this set entirely:

While it may be difficult to let images go, this set does not fit with your overall feel and quality of your flickr and is largely out of focus. You have some truly great work but this could cause someone to second guess.

It seems you’ve been given a lot of opportunity for artistic shoots and ultimately they look really good. Your edits are mostly clean (with the few exceptions, well, a couple others as well) and other than some chopped limbs and soft focus issues, you’re work is a strong quality.

The other thing I want to ask about is the most recent shoot – the girl with the long brown hair posed in front of the brick wall. Did she seem relaxed or maybe not feeling the shoot? Her poses and expressions come off as rigid – and not in the model-y way. It seems forced, like she might not have been having a good day. It’s in stark contrast to the photos of the three girls together and the redhead who was blossoming with personality. Likewise, some of the clients have super cheesy smiles; I’m not saying this is bad! It just doesn’t fit the flow in some places. Perhaps consider rearranging the photo stream for some better flow.


In response to the thing about lighting equipment – buying or making reflector’s is very easy and beneficial. If you aren’t already, consider building some to get some more controlled catchlights in those eyes!