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Hello again Ajanette,
The shots are looking good, way to go.
Out of what you have here, I like #’s 3, 4 & 6 out of the bunch.
You know, in this there is always critique and suggestions, I will give you mine if it helps you any.

Image #1, the model is nice looking, the pose I think is good, but I think I would have shot it a little wider, it at all possible. It looks like it is a little on the cool side, but that is just me.

Image #2, You said you snook this shot, so I can’t blame you for anything on the lighting, so no worries. Not knowing the set, I probably would have placed a small key light or reflector to bring out some finer details of her suit. The details end about right below her boobs and none on the hat. I think the little bit of light in these places helps set the scene since the fashion is a big part of the shot. The only other thing is her skin looks very smooth, not much details in the face. I know women like to look smooth, but I cannot tell where he cheeks are. Hopefully she is blessed with naturally smooth skin.

Image #3 – I like this shot and I think that the model looks hot, but a little pale and slightly bluish. I know that a lot of redheads are pale, but she looks very pale, otherwise, I love the shot. The tattoo is very colorful and adds to the shot, I think.

Image #4 & 5 – Nice. I would add a bit more contrast to him to make him look a little more rugged. The model is a good looking guy and muscular, a little more contrast will help brig out those attributes. I like image 4 over 5, it may be just the pose, not sure. Sometimes less is more.

Image #6 – I like the pose and the look but it just looks a little flat. Otherwise, I think you nailed it. Maybe the only other thing would be to add a poster-board, reflector or something to the model’s left to add a catch light for the eyes. I think the brightness is fine, but something to add to the pupils, not the whole eye.

Good job, I think overall, they look good.