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@Cameraclicker, there were different instances where I had control of the lighting, and others I didn’t. Throughout that whole event, I was kicking myself because I didn’t bring any stands for off-camera flash stuff because it was the organizer’s first time holding such an event. For instance, with that picture I showed Bill of the 3 models, there were about 6 people shooting those 3 models and one held a reflector. They had to work from the ambient light.  But for others, like the one with the redhead, in which it was a one-on-one session, it was all natural lighting in the shade.

Shootouts are great and fun because I get to shoot different people in different settings, but the downside to them is that you have to battle with other people on lighting. Which is why everyone just shoots with the ambient light.

– Thanks for the compliments! I try to make sure that every time I post a picture for critique, it’s better than my last one. I do take everyone’s advice into consideration!