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Hmm.. hate commenting without much to add, but I have to say that I hate Fauxtography nailed it (again, I swear I’m not stalking you!) and despite dicksforeyes difficult to swallow approach, I agree with him in that anyone could have taken those shots.  It’s the trendy style at the moment, so therefore millions are doing it.  I don’t see, however, what he’s talking about re: flash, as I only saw one shot obviously with flash and yeah, it wasn’t good (http://www.hrodgers.com/gallery/upload/2012/05/14/pwg_high/20120514120207-4835aba1.jpg).

Also, I found many of your backgrounds distracting.. most clients might not notice, but I do, so advice may not matter to clients. That’s a thing to remember when asking advice from other shooters, we care about things the may not care about or even notice, so keep that in mind.

The main issue I have is what IHF said about careful with your lighting and WB when shooting outdoors.. wildly inconsistent.

PS as much as dicksforeyes is a blunt prick (not saying that bad dfe!), the little time I’ve spent on this site leads me to agree with  him (and IHF) more than most.  His body of work lends him credibility even if the words/methods are hard to swallow.. just sayin’.