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I see there have been some changes made to the site! Great!
There are a couple of things I’m seeing now though:
The Gallery page where I can click into the sub-galleries looks clean and I like it (although the text is kind of hard to read), but when you click into the page it just pulls up a long page with large, centered images. I would recommend getting some coding help and making either a filmstrip style thumbnail display (where you can view the full size images by clicking while retaining the thumbnail either underneath or to the side) OR thumbnails with a splash that comes up without coming up in a separate tab or window. I think it could help the lazy scroller actually see the images near the bottom. One of the major flaws with how you have them showcased now is that I can’t always see a whole image at once.

The other thing I wanted to add is to cull your images again. The maternity shots have what seems like an entire session with one couple and then maybe two or three from others. Save the “whole” session feel for blog posts, not your gallery. A gallery should be glimpses – let us see variety and what you’re capable of over more broad a spectrum. In the senior gallery you have nice variety but there are more than a few images with soft focus. Be very careful, when I look closer I can tell that the focus is usually resting on a sleeve/arm if they are sideways or a part of their shirt if it’s a front facing shot. You want their eyes to be what’s tack-sharp.
There’s even one shot near the end of the senior page that’s completely out of focus and should be pulled.