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Hello Olivia, the new FB link works just fine.

I have to agree with the others about the color balance issue, some are a little blueish and have a slight green tint to them.  To the average non-photographer, it may go un-noticed, but you asked for criticism here.  I have t agree with ebi on this one.  A style is one thing but failing to acknowledge an apparent flaw that can be easily “fixed” is another.

We criticize, one because you asked, and two because that is how we learn and progress our skills as artists [photographers].

There was one thing that I saw that no one I saw picked up on, most others were spot on with this and that.  The one location I saw for your seniors leaning against the red bricked wall, I have a slight issue with but it is an easy fix.

The wall is fine and the pose is fine, but what bugs me is the perspective with the street sign in the background.  I know this will sound like nick-picking but I have to say it.  The background makes it seem as these seniors are hustling on the street corner.  I would simply just tighten up the shot and it would be perfect.  Like I say, I like the red bricked wall, it looks nice, it’s just the street corner aspect of it.


Keep up the good work and use this and the other criticism well and above all, DO NOT take it personally.