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I think you’re right dfe, but not in all curcumstances.  I think a lot of inquiries here are legit.  Yes, there are much better places out there to receive CC, but a lot of beginners are unaware of their existence.  Mostly because they haven’t looked for it.  YANAP for a lot of people is the first place they have ever saw criticism.  YANAP is shared rampetly between fauxs. How do I know this?  It was the first harsh critisisim I saw out in Internet land.  You have to keep in mind how much Internet nicey nice happens out there and how much new photographers are marketed to.  To market, you have to be a little dishonest (ok more than a little) and uncritical of your clients and push them to keep doing what they do, to sell your products.  What sells?  Easy, “anyone can do it” motivation, you are good enough, its all about our eqipment, software, actions, websites, templets, props, products, etc.  Its powerful.  You get your camera and wow yourself, and then share with family and friends, and wow them, then you seek out other photographers like yourself, andjoin some happy little forum somewhere.  All the while you are building a happy little bubble for yourself.  CC pops that bubble and pushes you to get better, and realize you aren’t as fantastic as you thought and have a lot of growing to do.  There are people like me out there that want their bubble popped.  They want to learn and be the best they can be.  They respect the medium and the profession.  Yeah, probably more out there that rather stay in their bubble than really become a photographer, a lot more… But I’m not going to assume EVERYONE that comes here falls in that category.