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I’m loving the EVF. Once I got used to it I actually find it much faster and easier to use. My a390 was very hit and miss with exposures some times, the a65 is 10x better and was definitely worth the investment. I was tempted by the a77 but after reading and comparing there was little difference between them that could justify the cost.

Better glass is next on my list. I’ve currently got a 18-70mm f/3.8 kit zoom, sony prime 50m f/1.8 (gorgeous lens that), and a tamron 70-300m f/4.5 telephoto macro which is decent enough but sluggish. Currently on the hunt for a decent prime 18mm but am on a limited budget!

As for lighting I don’t have any off camera lighting at the mo, another thing on the shopping list. For indoor stuff I’m currently using some bendable desk lamps as daft as that sounds! But they were cheap and workable until I can get something better. I have hired studio lighting/backdrops from a friend of mine before now though so if it’s a paid shoot I can hire some decent light/flash units.

I’m finding photoshop a bit awkward to learn and get rid. I’ve only had elements 11 a couple of months and before that was using paint.net which was ok for minor adjustments but nowhere near as good as elements. I did a trial of lightroom and it gave me a headache with the complexity, hence why I went for elements 11 when I upgraded to an imac for editing. Doing everything one bit at a time as budget allows! 🙂