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As far as color temperature, I’m still figuring out how to best keep it consistent while also giving each photo the proper color correction/saturation/etc. it needs, but I will definitely work those things out!

What programme are you using for editing? One good way if you are using lightroom is to adjust colour temp, tint, saturation, vibrance and clarity on one representative shot and then applying those settings to all other photos from the same shoot provided light stays the same. That way you will get a consistent look. In the library module for example you can select to see only photos with flash or without flash as that will make a difference what colour temperature you want. For when you get a backup body (or a better primary body and relegate the rebel to backup) you may need to adjust depending on the camera or lens used. It is obviously not foolproof and you will need to adjust some shots after that but it will give you a very consistent look if the environment hasn’t changed noticeably.