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Not horrible, I would agree with the rest on the yellowing. It’s all personal taste though, and if you get clients that are clamoring for it, then by all means, yellow away.

The 3rd photo you posted a link to, way too contrasted for my tastes. If you have to do that to get the bubbles to show up, fix it in-camera. If you are shooting manually, adjust for a shallow DOF, knock your ISO around a tick, and you should get what you are looking for without having to do a lot of post-processing. No one will think less of you if you take a peek at your monitor and zoom in to your bubbles to see if you’re getting the desired effects. I know a lot of communication tells you NOT to look, but if you’re trying something new, and you tell your clients that, they will understand. Take a test shot before your session with someone simulating so you know approximately where you want to be, then you can adjust accordingly during your session.