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Not a problem to disagree WCS, everyone has a different take on things including LR, so no worries.

I will have to re-state my original statement to better clarify then. LR is at it’s core ACR with additional features packed in to make it a more robust tool besides for RAW image processing.
There are features to LR that I don’t use, just like photoshop. I’m sure the full list of features probably fits the majority of users but not everyone.
As for the print module, for me, it is great if I need to bang out some quick proof sheets, but besides that I don’t use it, but that is probably because I do not do my own printing.
For the color aspect, I typically do not shoot with a gray card, I shoot with a color checker passport for at least one of the series of shots of similar scenes unless it is something from the hip. I feel that the color checker gives me better control over color like the example you gave about people with reddish complexions.

LR5, takes it a step further and allows you to do paint brush adjustments just like previous versions but no with color temp control instead of just exposure, brightness, sharpness and contrast. So with the example you gave, this problem is now easier to deal with. In short, you can color correct multiple hot/cool spots within the image instead of just one global temp adjustment, cool huh?