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Dear Bill I’m going to have to disagree with you! It’s the bits of lightroom that you don’t get in ACR that makes it awesome. The print module on its own is worth more than the $20.

But back to the colour problem, unless shooting EVERY pic with a grey card in it is an option, you are never going to get perfect colour every time. And if you are shooting portraits, some people have very red skin tones (and they always stand next to some one with jaundice) so getting the actual colour is not always what you want.

There’s a few things you can do that will help, the camera calibration panel is a good place to start. If your camera is supported there’s probably more than one profile, choose the one that looks best. Even if it’s the landscape profile and you only shoot portraits. If your camera isn’t supported look on line. I found profiles for my Sony a850 with out to much trouble.

But don’t be afraid to alter the profiles if you still don’t like the effect. Making one from scratch is a nightmare, but if you have one that’s pretty good, but just a bit to red in the reds, than alter it to taste.

I’m still using LR4 but I started with the LR  1 beta so if you have any specific questions, I should at least be able to tell you how I would deal with it.