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@ iliketag – I was a late adapter of LR, but I find it does saves ton of time when editing “like” scenes. I do a lot of portraits and sports action photos, so my scenes can be very similar. I try not to PS a shot unless it calls for a special effect or look that I can can’t fully achieve in LR.

I have found for the features that I don’t know how to use, Youtube has been a very useful resource. It also helps you feel better that your not the only one asking certain questions about how to use something.
Like WCS said, it has the camera/lens profiles in there that correct the distortions of many camera/lens combinations, that can very helpful. You can create your own, but from what I hear, you need a rocket surgery degree to do it.

I like LR because I can create a catalog of shots from one session and go from there. It is basically ACR with a nice fancy GUI in front of it with some extra features tossed in that Adobe would not be able to sell on their own, like the web slideshow exporter. Nice but utter crap, IMO, same goes with the web HTML/Flash exporter. Probably a lot better if you download some better templates, but out of the box, not so great.
Overall, I think LR is a good streamline tool, but it is not cut out for every type of shooter. LR 4 is fine, you got a good deal for $20.