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Hi Felix,

I agree with the others, being a professional photographer is 10% shooting and 90% business. So learning how business works is a huge part of being a viable photography business. On the shooting end I thought on your Pintrest board you had some interesting images. I can see that you are well versed in technique. The one thing I would say is what you need to work on is developing your own unique visual voice.

This comes with you continuing to go out and shoot subject matter that speaks to you. The only issue I see on your Pintrest board is although your images are interesting, your subject matter is ALL over the board. Bodies of work on a given subject matter are much more an indicator of your ability as a photographer. Is somewhat easier to take your “Best Of” images than producing a cohesive body of work. This is what professionals do.

I am going to recommend 2 really great books. They are both from authors in the UK and both deal with creating bodies of work.


Creative Exposures 23 Photographers Discuss Art & Technique by Eddie Ephraums

Photo Projects Plan & Publish Your Photography in Print & on the Internet by Chris Dickie


Keep shooting, if this is what you want I say go for it just be prepared to work hard!