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I’d say go for it. If you know what you want to study then switch. I did fine art at uni, and yes it wasn’t the most lucrative, business-wise thing I could have done, but learning about the history and context of a subject you love and developing your own personal style and creativity is never ever a waste of time. I’d say study something you love and do the business studies on the side.

I got interested in photography later and have studied in my own time in evening classes etc. I got as far as level 3 which is A Level here in the UK, the step before uni. However my A Level course was quite a disappointment as we didn’t learn anything to do with skills, not even what an aperture was! It was all based on the fine art side, which you think I’d like as that was my background but you have to get sufficient knowledge of the basics first of.
My point is, check with a fine tooth comb the content of the course, make sure any course you are interested in teaches the technical side of this subject too. It may well be that a vocational course in the subject, such as a BTEC if you’re in the UK, would be of more use to you than a degree. research whats on offer. Good luck!