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I unfortunately have to agree with CC that a business course will be far more useful than a photography one.

As for making money off your photography, nothing in that portfolio would have earnt you money. People are what pay you most often to take photos of them at occasions like weddings etc. Trying to find a gig photographing pets, piers at sunset etc are near impossible in the real world.

Your photos are nice enough but nothing that stands out or anything that I would expect you to manage to sell as prints. Technically your colours are off with far too much saturation. It is a bit difficult to see though as pinterest is an awful photo sharing platform and I can’t get rid of their box that wants me to log on one way or another.

In short, do a course in business and get your friends to pose for you for portraits. Spend some time with a photographer and get a feel whether you actually enjoy the working as a photographer. Remember that taking the photos is a minuscule part of your day. Computing will give you a job at the end if you stick with it, photography probably won’t. Besides, there is no reason why one has to exclude the other.