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Worst Case Scenario

We blur things out like that WCS because we are a very litigious bunch and rather than risk a lawsuit they cover it up.

I assumed it was something like that, but I can’t see how having your name on the TV could be grounds for a law suit. Companies usually have to pay for TV exposure. Are you sure it’s not the TV companies not wanting to give free advertising?

Worst Case Scenario… did you say you’re 50 miles north of Milwaukee?

Nope I’m in the UK, which is much more than 50 miles north of Milwaukee

A small town near me is called Calumet.

Calumet (pronounced as spelt) is about the only UK pro photo retailer still in business. http://www.calumetphoto.co.uk  but I never knew it was peace pipe in French.

And before you ask, I do not know why our beer sucks.

Actually your beer is LAGER. Beer comes out of pumps warm and is drunk by the pint by people in bowler hats.