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Michigan has some unique city names, too.

Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackin-aw), and we also have Mackinaw City. Same area, spelling just indicates either island, or city. Charlotte (pronounced Shar-Lot not shar-let).  When my TN cousins came up and we told them they had to drive through Charlotte they had spelled it all wrong on their paper, and got lost. They had it written: Sharlot… Oh and here is a fun one:  Ypsilanti (ip-sil-ant-ee).  Or Sault Ste Marie (soo-saint-marie)

Makes sense that ketchup would go on waffles if they were potato(e) based.

My grandpa was from Alabama (and moved up here before I was born) and he used to use all the redneck words Jeff Foxworthy used to talk about. Yont-to, Get on over hee-ya… etc. I say y’all but I probably picked that up from him.

@BEG: My sister called it “Melk” almost her whole life, only recently started saying “milk”