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For example, if there’s a sign every five metres when going down the escalator to the tube (erm, underground or metro, incidentally named so world wide after one of the London underground lines) saying “Stand on the right”. Why not do that then? Why stand on the left whereby when I’m walking down on the left I have to stop and loudly say “Excuse me”, get a blank stare and nothing. Fortunately this is one place where you can be a little impolite without getting that sinking feeling in your stomach and continue walking. That seems to be understood.

Our “tube” is the subway.

Escalators are strange.  Here, you are supposed to step on and stand holding the hand rail, which moves with the stairs.  While you are supposed to stand, there are many who feel you should stand on the right so you can be passed on the left, which begs the question, who is going to pass you if no one is supposed to be walking?