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I think this looks good and I really like their poses.

I do agree with you OP about the b/g though – especially the cars, which appear a bit inconsidered. I think with an image like this, there is a strong sense of narrative and thus every element in the image either adds or detracts from that narrative. Imo there are other locations which would have added more to the image/helped build the story; such as an alley way, a street scene, an urban environment etc. Maybe even a suburban setting which would create an element of irony or humour. Obviously it depends on the story you are wanting to tell.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the background is similar in tone and colour to the men, which makes them blend a little into the b/g – though the lighting is very nice (in my book) and does help separate them, I feel a different colour or value b/g would allow them to stand out much more and create a more dynamic image – echoing the dynamic subject matter.

From a newbie viewpoint I think the execution looks good too.

Just my two cents 🙂