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I side with IHF.  The fauxtog oversaturates like crazy, but otherwise there is precious little separating you.  I saw the larger gallery of images you have up and the pic of the mom against a concrete wall, doing her best to keep her eye open (the sun was hitting her at a really bad angle) and wearing a huge forced smile…painful.  Lots of missing limbs and shots that most photogs would immediately delete.  Shooting on a sunny day between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm?  Very bad call.  And if you don’t know why, then you must definitely NOT charge.  Not for a long, long time.

You need to learn about lighting, composition, exposure, cropping, keeping your horizons level (or learning how to fix it in post without screwing up the pic) etc etc.  You should be offering to shoot for free in order to gain experience working with real clients.

You should be shooting in Manual mode, and be able to adjust your settings without stopping to look down at the camera.  When you have a free moment you should go through some of what you’ve just shot and chimp.  And if you don’t know what chimping is…there is NFW you should be charging anything.  And you should learn to pp with a light hand – poor pp will ruin even a good photo, and make a crappy photo look even worse.

And yes all of what I’ve just told you definitely applies to the fauxtog, too.  But then, if these people expect great images in return for some likker  or $20 a session, then they can’t have very high expectations.