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Pelham, (no negative tone, I swear)

What will she gain by shooting for people for free?  I find that shooting for others hurts my learning process.  I’m still learning my camera, and equipment, and when I shoot for friends I gain very little from the experience ( I completely stopped way back) When there is a lesson or set up I want to try, I have sought out a model occasionally, but mostly I use objects, my children or a willing family member.  I know eventually it will be more about working with people, in a more real life way.  But clearly this poster is still struggling with photography basics.  Do you think a novice/new photographer  that aspires to shoot for hire, would be better off taking on both fundamentals and experience simultaneously?  Is this something I would benefit from as well?  I always thought that if I continued to shoot for others for free when they request it like I did in the beginning, that in the future when I wanted to open up shop, I would already be labeled cheap/free photog and potential clients that I would need to build a professional portfolio (aka friends and family friends) wouldn’t value what I do.  “oh so now she’s charging for what used to be free.  Whatever!”.  Am I wrong?  Your thoughts everyone?


Click it,

LOL. I have WAY too much time on my hands lately.  I have even rolled my eyes at myself lol Getting ready for a big move, and I completely don’t have a life right now.  Things should be settled by this time next month, and you’ll see a lot less of me then.  Until then, I’m afraid you will have to put up with me and my incessant blabber.

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