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I definitely would create a website once I move (I’m going to graduate pretty soon, and until then, I need to focus on school and studies as well) …and I plan on moving and eventually doing portraits as a side business..maybe freelance? Editorial has always interested me.

But as of now, it doesn’t seem logical for me to pay $99 a year or whatever amount, when there are things like lenses and equipment I want to invest in. I don’t make enough to pay for those, but if I charged enough to, I wouldn’t get as much experience as I currently do. Also, winter where I am, is a season where almost no one wants to take outdoor pictures. Maybe I’ll get a job to pay for stuff in the meantime…but I’d like to be able to pay for college too. And until I set up a studio of sorts, I can’t take indoor shots, although I started a class today where I can learn more about off-camera and strobe lighting.

When I’m 18, I promise to file taxes and do business right with a website portfolio. Until then…people my age care more about the pictures, and I feel most couldn’t be bothered to go on a website, especially if it’s not compatible with their phones. Thanks for the input!