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Cassie – I really should leave a disclaimer in the photo description with the chestnut and child – my sister was actually standing crouched, holding him by the waist while I took the picture, so should he have moved a muscle, the little one would have been out of the way, and I removed her when editing. (I trust the old man with my life – but not my son’s! ha!) Looking at the picture after the fact (it’s about a year old), I can tell I was a bit sloppy with removing her hands around his waist (shirt details), and there’s still a bit of her shoe stuck in there. Oops! 😉  … as far as disciplines go, racing and h/j are probably the biggest things around here, though with the horse park right next door, I’d love to get out to shoot some of the higher level dressage – I could use the timing practice, for sure. Really, I’m smack in the middle of all things equestrian, so getting out to events of all types would be a great benefit.

Thomas – that’s actually why that picture (Graze) didn’t get deleted straight off… I thought there was something interesting about it, being so weirdly abstract. LOL … and as for wanting “After The Races” on your wall – by all means – be my guest! 😉 I’m glad you like it!

Thank you all again! Your comments are wonderfully helpful.