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I’ve nothing much to say with regards to a critique as I quite like most of them (apart from the chopped head on the rider, mentioned above). This one though   http://society6.com/EmilyHoefman/Graze-0Bd_Print   had me staring for a good minute. It could so easily have been a kid aiming the camera incorrectly but I found it interesting trying to figure out exactly what was there, which end was which etc. Although I know it’s a horse, my immediate thoughts were “boulders”, “landscape”, “distorted mountain”  and things along those lines.  Overall I’m thinking you’re doing a pretty good job.


EDIT – http://society6.com/EmilyHoefman/Rollback_Print   I like this idea too, I can’t help thinking I’d prefer all 4 legs in the shot though.

EDIT 2 – http://society6.com/EmilyHoefman/After-The-Races_Print   I actually want this on my office wall!