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Cameraclicker – JUST what I was looking for!! Thank you!

You know, I seem to not even consider the rider in far too many instances, hence cutting off of heads and leaving faces almost black. 😉 Having been a rider at the track, I should have taken note that it’s nice to see yourself in the image too, and not just the horse. Heh!

When it comes to softness in the photos… I’m having a really tough time in less than ideal lighting with my long lens (ancient 70-200 4-5.6)… i.e. anything other than full-on-sun. On my T3 body, any ISO above 400  to keep a higher shutter speed seems to bring on pretty bad noise and sharpness issues (obv), and if I drop the ISO to counterract that, I lose a lot of speed and bring in the motion blur >:( . When it comes to a quick-moving subject in shadow/cloud, do you have any suggestion for me to balance it out a bit better? Because I’m obviously not there.