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OK.  First thing, it is a Square Space trial, so there are a couple of steps a visitor has to go through to get to the page.    My first thought was that I would have to register with them or that I could not see it.  I suppose those steps will be removed if you stay with them…

Do you shoot in raw mode?  The opening spread has a couple of jockeys in the left photo.  Their faces are quite dark.  Easily lightened if you shoot raw files, still possible if you only have JPEGs.

Two horses looking at camera, over a fence – hairs on chin of the one on left stand out pretty well but both horses look soft.  Shadows could have more detail.

Several riders photo looks soft.

Horse with green bandages on hind legs – you cut the jockey’s head in half!

Panning needs practice, it’s not bad but could be better.

LOL!  Horse’s asses and jockey’s asses!  How did that make the cut?

Last (far right) photo – how did the horse manage to get a brochure?