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Text from your page:  “My approach to portraits is very much like the Impressionists, I like natural light the the great outdoors. So, when possible, I conduct all portrait and headshot sessions outside and in the downtown Halifax area.”

A few quick general comments, ’cause your photos are pretty good:

Leslie’s skin is too bright, and her chest and arms are too bright relative to her face.

The bottom half of Monica’s photo, could also be a little darker, try dodging a bit and see what you think.

I know they’re head shots.  Tim seems like a big friendly guy.  Too big, in the photo, perhaps.  I think if he were back  a bit further, I wouldn’t feel like he was in my face, quite so much.  His eyes could be sharper/more in focus?  He needs to get a haircut.

Shay should be turned slightly to her right to hide her right ear.  Is leading with her jaw really her best angle?

Adam’s hair fades into the dark background.

Pay attention to your backgrounds.  I wonder how Chantal feels about being photographed in prison.

Kira has bra strap showing.