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Positive feedback is a scary thing.  Does the person providing feedback really mean it?  Are they trying to be kind?  Are they trying to encourage you because they love you?

Not a bad thing if it encourages you to strive for better results and keeps you from giving up.  Not as good if it makes you feel you have arrived.  Anne Murray said in an interview that when she was small, she was singing and an aunt heard her.  Her aunt said she had a wonderful voice and should practice more.  You can look her up, she has had a string of hit records.  The next thing she said was that years later, after she was successful, she was told by another relative that her aunt who praised her, was tone deaf!

Perhaps instead of just pulling down the theatre photos, you could replace them with better ones?

I like the light in “The Last Five Years – Windsor Theatre, Mount Allison University”, but I’m not so sure the actress would be asking for a copy of it, to show her friends, future employers, and her mother.  She appears to be sitting sideways in an armchair, hanging onto the back to keep from falling out, while a band plays in the background.  Why any of this is happening, who or where she is supposed to be is unknown.  Really, the only cool things about the photo are a faceless back-lit blond in a short red and black dress.  It gets points for shape and light, but not for showing off the artist or the theatre.

Don’t know if this will work, I’m going to try pasting one of your photos into the thread.  I think this one done in blue light is rather cool too.