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Your theatre work isn’t really anything to brag about… I’d pull it off your website (minus The Maids Tragedy – Vile Passeist Promo Shoot photo – this photo would be amazing if you made it level [easy fix]).

Your theatre work just lacks anything special… a lot of the photos are too dark, and you have inconsistent skin tones. I know it’s hard to photograph shows like those because they’re generally dark and if you don’t have a camera that can produce decent images with high ISO, you’re going to have a problem.


Your portraits also lack anything special about them. There are a few shots that are great in terms of exposure, composition and focus… But they just look like good snapshots. Nothing someone really should pay for (in my opinion).

Your food shots are nice, but they could be better if, on the dishes that were bigger, you had a wider depth of field. (Fred01 specifically)

If this is your business page, I’d take down the snapshots of your trips/around town that don’t have any other merit other than you were there and it looked cool. You should take out “Personal” and make it “Commercial” and have your food shots and other product shots.


^ Just my 2 cents.