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Cameraclicker: Well, yes, I have gotten positive feedback from friends and family, the feedback I was referring to was from clients and other theatre professionals. People who don’t feel obligated to tell me good things about my work and who have worked with other theatre photographers before, so I tend to trust their judgement. And while it makes me feel confident in my work I definitely don’t feel like I’m done learning or like I won’t try harder to achieve even better results in the future. I just think it’s better than nairbynarb’s critique.

The photos that are up in the theatre section of my site are what I feel is some of my best work (though maybe perhaps not all of them, some are much older than others). The Last Five Years photo you pointed out may not be the photo the actress will use in her portfolio, however it very likely could be used by the lighting designer for their portfolio. I find people tend to forget about all the other artists involved in theatre. The photos taken of a show are not just for the actors on stage, or the theatre itself, they also showcase the costume/lighting/set designer’s work. And every photo of a show isn’t going to showcase every element. But I like that one for it’s view of the lighting of this particular scene.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be defensive or anything just wanted to try and justify some of my choices. I like the feedback when it’s actually helpful to me, not just you should take “everything” down. Thank you for your comments.


ebi: Thanks for weighing in. Currently, as you can see from above, I am still happy with the theatre work I have up there and have no intention of taking it down. I’m not sure that I want to necessarily move my theatre work to a different space. I consider myself a theatre photographer first with portrait and other work on the side. I call the personal section, “Personal” because that’s exactly what it is, photos from my travels and non-commisioned/unpaid work. None of it really fits into a separate category because I don’t offer it as a service exactly.