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And I did think an event photographer was the same as a wedding photographer – isn’t a wedding an event in the photog world? I guess I’m wrong?

I was just looking for an opinion.  I know there are photographers that only do weddings, there are others that only do portraits, and some who do portraits, events and weddings — and have three different web pages advertising those services, as well as pages for commercial work and personal projects.  I think a wedding may be a big event in someone’s life, or it could be multiple events in someone else’s life, but the photographic expectations are different than for most other events, more of a personal service.  I see weddings as one area; birthdays, christenings, bar/bat mitzvahs, as another; and, “events” as being corporate parties, school reunions, charity activities, etc.  Some people will specialize in one area, others will shoot everything but have specialized advertising so it appears they specialize, and others just shoot what they like, or can get.

Anyone else have an opinion?