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Well, I had the funny picture in my mind of a struggling photog using Zen rake with Monopoly money, and I had to make it work somehow. 🙂

I know that census and salary data is so skewed depending upon where you look and who you ask and, most of all, who’s telling the truth, that it is all suspect. I surmise that the only way to truly know is to examine one’s bank statements and deposit tickets. If you ask my out-of-work radiologist friend how much he can expect to earn, his outlook will be VERY different from the students you interview right after their white coat ceremony.

My mom lives on S.I. (the northside, not where Sandy hit) which is still my official address for many, many things in my life, including my photog business and for my website and for FB, and while she does live in an affluent area (whatever that means anymore), I can assure you there are many people who are struggling to make ends meet. Too many cars they can’t afford, McMansions on every block with no furniture inside – opulence out the wazzoo, but no one to pay for it.

And I did think an event photographer was the same as a wedding photographer – isn’t a wedding an event in the photog world? I guess I’m wrong?