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maybe you didnt look through my port all the way but its quite broad.  I have a product shot (they paid me very well) a portrait of a latino hip hop artist from my PAID shoot for his album.  I have behind the scenes shots from working (yes, “working”, as in I got paid) at a music video.  I have PIAD work I shot for Krave Girls.  I have younger girls in age appropriate attire and I have some shots of older women in more edgy shots, but I dont see any photos where the girls look uncomfortable.  A lot of them have only modeled a few times and like anything,it takes practice and its far more difficult than one would imagine, so yeah, some of the shots the girls dont have the victoria secret confidence or the “look” but thats the whole point of BUILDING a port and working with as many people as possible, both ways, for models and photographers.  practice is practice and fundamentally it doesnt matter how attractive the subject is.  You just bashed the girls and skipped over the whole other, MORE IMPORTANT aspect of shooting, the QUALITY of the image.  The use of light and exposures and angles and composition is far more important the subject itself.  Instead of just trash talking, how about you give me technical pointers if my work is that horrible.  how can i better the quality of the photograph.

post your work?  im curious of your credibility….