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It depends what kind of reprinting rights (if any) that people are asking me for… when I’ve done it previously, I’ve always done 10, 15, 30, whatever images, etc. with reprinting rights on a disc. I, personally, like other photographers I’ve seen and worked with, NEVER offer a flat “you can have the entire session on a disc for this and that;” it feels too mass-market portrait studio, and then people will go get prints done at Walmart or wherever and they will look terrible, and then the client blames the photographer because their prints don’t look like what they expect because they don’t use an actual decent lab.

The mass majority of all my “disc” purchases are online-only use rights, because people want things for their facebook, websites, whatever. That way, they don’t get them printed so they can look original quality, and they can use them as many times as they want — send to grandma, whatever. I think it’s the best of both worlds because people aren’t disappointed and they can still have files. But that’s not to say it’s even necessarily “right” or “wrong.”